The Rink at 401 Park is closed for the season! View current special events in The Fenway at

Back for its second season, The Rink at 401 Park, presented by REI, gives family and friends, neighbors and colleagues, a spot to get outside and stay active all winter long.

The center point between Time Out Market and Trillium Fenway, The Rink adds entertainment to our already lively neighborhood. From skating lessons to broomball leagues, The Rink at 401 Park is the ultimate winter playground.

Key Rink Information


Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday from 3-9pm; Saturday from 11am – 10pm; Sunday from 11am – 8 pm

For today’s hours of operation and additional information, please contact 617.603.5558 or Please click here to see our FAQ section


Holiday Schedule:

February School Vacation Week (February 22 – February 25): 11am – 9pm


Pricing: $10 – Adult; $6 – College Students, Seniors, & Kids Under 12

Click here to purchase your tickets (We recommend individuals purchase tickets in advance to ensure their desired skate time is available)


Skate Rental Pricing: $6


Special Events & Updates: Please visit


For private rentals, contact

Skater Responsibility Code

  • Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other skaters
  • While on the ice, keep moving. Stopping, skating in groups, blocking exit doors or sitting on the dasher boards obstructs other skaters.
  • People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid hitting them or disrupting them.
  • Some examples of irresponsible actions on the ice: — Speeding — Weaving — Roughness — Throwing Items — Eating — Drinking
  • Before entering onto the ice surface, be certain that you are wearing skates that are securely fastened on your feet. Be sure to look for oncoming skaters. When o the ice, stay on the rubber matting or other areas intended for skates.
  • Children or other items should not be carried while skating.
  • Rink equipment can be dangerous. Promptly leave the ice when resurfacing is announced and in progress.
  • Once completed and you are signaled to return to ice, do so with care.
  • Obey the Monitors. Report hazards to the Monitors.
  • Respect the ice and all guests. Please do not litter or use foul language.
  • THIS IS JUST A PARTIAL LIST. There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. You are ultimately responsible for your personal safety. Use caution, and skate in control. Respect other skaters. The rink’s Monitors cannot guarantee your safety and will not protect you from injury. It is part of your responsibility to avoid other skaters and hazards. Failure to use good judgment, skate responsibly, or follow the Responsibility Code may result in the loss of skating privileges.
401 Park Drive
Boston, MA 02215